Innholdsoversikt (pdf)

Friends 1 - 2

Module 1: Hello, goodbye! (pdf)

Module 2: Numbers 1-10 (pdf)

Module 3: Where are you from?

Module 4: Colours

Friends 3

Module 1: The Classroom (pdf) 

Module 2: Toys and things (pdf)

Module 3: What does it look like? (pdf)

Module 4: Clothes (pdf)

Module 5: What are you doing? (pdf)

Module 6: The Face (pdf)

Module 7: The Body (pdf)

Module 8: Yes, we can! (pdf)

Module 9: Animals (pdf)

Friends 4

Module 1: Sports and hobbies (pdf) 

Module 2: Time (pdf)

Module 3: My day (pdf)

Module 4: Happy Birthday! (pdf)

Module 5: Food (pdf)

Module 6: There are a lot of frogs in the pond (pdf)

Module 7: Animals (pdf)

Module 8: Tell me a story (pdf)

Module 9: The Alphabet (pdf)

Module 10: My new class (pdf)

Friends 5

Module 1: What do you do? (pdf) 

Module 2: Food (pdf)

Module 3: Shopping (pdf)

Module 4: I play football in the afternoon (pdf)

Module 5: The Weather (pdf)

Module 6: The Town (pdf)

Module 7: The Tree Funny Fish (pdf)

Module 8: I was at the cinema (pdf)

Module 9: Once upon a time (pdf)

Friends 6

Module 1: What did you do in the holidays? (pdf) 

Module 2: The fastest runner in the world (pdf)

Module 3: Health (pdf)

Module 4: Outdoor and indoor activities (pdf)

Module 5: Don't touch! (pdf)

Module 6: A picnic and other joys (pdf)

Friends 7

Module 1: Numbers 20-100 (pdf) 

Module 2: On the farm (pdf)

Module 3: Leisure activities (pdf)

Module 4: What was the weather like? (pdf)

Module 5: Family and friends (pdf)

Module 6: Jobs and work (pdf)

Module 7: There are spiders on the ground (pdf) 

Module 8: Transport (pdf)

Module 9: Food and shopping (pdf)

Module 10: At home (pdf)

Module 11: Storytelling (pdf)

Module 12: I love swimming and dancing (pdf)

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